Офис "Diamond Beach"

Бургас, България кв. Сарафово, ул. "Лагуна" №2

Тел.: +359 885 135 330
E-mail: sales@artstroyfacilities.eu

Офис "Перла"

Бургас, България кв. Зорница, жкзт "Перла"

Тел.: +359 885 389 095
E-mail: perla_facilities@artstroy.eu

Artstroy Facilities

We are in this Business to create and offer valuable solutions to our customers and partners, and to evolve with you in this dynamic business environment.

Artstroy Facility is a leading property and facilities management company with headquarters in Burgas. The company is part of the investment portfolio of "Artstroy Group" AD. The main activity of "Artstroi Facility" is management and maintenance of real estate , offices and public buildings and residential complexes. This includes all kinds of business processes related to real estate management and maintenance. The company offers efficient and fast services to ensure our customers' satisfaction and to increase our efficiency, thus reducing their costs, increasing passive income and creating a competitive advantage if the property is with investment purpose.

Artstroy Facilities


  • 2017
  • 2017 June
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  • 2000
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Artstroy Facilities began operating as a separate unit in early 2017. The company offers professional services and complex solutions in the field of property and facilities management. In order to be created a good environment in which the company's clients receive a higher return on their real estate property investment, to work in a more cozy and well-maintained environment, and to live in a better place, the Company strives to bring innovations and develop into united with the changing business environment in this spesific industry. "Artstroy Facilities" is a reliable partner and it strive to meet the high expectations of its clients.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide a higher standard of living for those living in the sites we manage and mentain. To guarantee return on investment to our clients who purchase the property for investment purposes. All in all with this, we guarantee high quality of service, security, reliability and good innovative management practices and quality support solutions.

Our success formula

- Keeping up with the new trends in our industry;
- Always look for professionals to join and enrich our teams;
- Investing in higher qualification of our employees;
- Implement softwares to facilitate and improve performance at all levels in our company;
- To work according to the requirements of our clients and to maintain a high level of organization and quality of work;
- Working with professionalism into every stage of our jobs.

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